Internship Onboarding Program

Quality Engineering Training and Mentoring program for your new hires

Program Overview

Our Specialised onboarding program trains and mentors your new hires to they contributing and adding value to team delivery from day one. Our program last three months and focuses on the following key areas:

  • software test automation (cypress)
  • exploratory testing
  • fundemental software testing skills
  • fundemental software development tools (Jira,IDE,Git)
  • Microservices Architecture
  • Agile practises
  • Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)
  • Effective Collaboration and Communication
  • Importance of Business Value in Software Testing

Training is ongoing over the duration of the program, allowing the new hires to receive ongoing support. Training is structured so that new hires can begin immediately applying some of their newly acquired skill sets.

All training and mentoring is provided online through easily available technologies such as Zoom and Slack. These can be tailored depending on the technology footprint of the organization.

Onboarding Program Structure

The program is 3 months long. Each new hire is provided with one full week of training. They can then begin working directly with your teams while being mentored and trained by us.

Week One Training Content
  • Agile Practices
  • Fundamental Software Testing Skills
  • Fundamental Software Development Toolkit
  • Effective Collaboration & Communication

All training is online

Week 2 - 12 Training Content

New Hires begin working with your team. We provide mentoring, ongoing training and assessment of progress. - Software Test Automation - Contemporary Architecture (Micro-services,yaml files,) - BDD - Exploratory Testing

Week 2 - 12 Mentoring

At the start of the program, new hires are assigned a mentor to whom they can go to for support on quality engineering practices. The mentor is there to answer any technical or process questions the new hire may have. This service is available during work hours only. Every week new hires join a group mentoring session where they can ask questions to experienced quality engineers and be provided with additional support in terms of quality engineering practices.

There is a weekly 1:1 catchup to understand how the new hire is progressing with their skills based learning.

All mentoring is online.


We provide ongoing feedback using weekly reports to both the company and the new hire on their progress.

Ministry of Testing Subscription

As part of the program, new hires have access to a Ministry of Testing subscription. This subscription provides an extensive amount of training and coaching material as well as access to a thriving software testing community.


1 new hire - 3 months: $12,750 ex GST

We offer discounts for more than one new hire. Get in Touch below.

Looking for Work

If you are looking to get an entry into the tech industry, a great starting point is quality engineering. Talk to us to find out how we can help you become job ready. Get in Touch below