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Exploratory Testing Training with Anne-Marie Charrett

The challenges of software testing.

How often are you and your team faced with the impossible task of too much software testing in too short a time? Maybe it’s hours before release and you have an impossible amount of testing to complete? Include incomplete, out of date or non existent requirements, maybe even zero test cases. What if the only solution appears to be pulling business people away from their critical tasks in order to perform it? Unfortunately, this stressful situation is all too common.

There is an alternative solution. Exploratory Testing.

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing is an approach to software testing that focuses on identifying and testing for key risks. This minimises the amount of essential testing required, which is great for when there is only a short time to perform testing. It also has minimal setup time compared to test automation, making it useful when there’s lots of change in design and features. Exploratory Testing is an excellent bug finder helping you and your team find bugs early in the development lifecycle. Unlike traditional software testing approaches, Exploratory Testing doesn’t require extensive requirements and business documentation. Instead, it focuses on doing by diving in and performing software testing, and recording the output. This significantly cuts down time allocated to extensive documentation work prior to testing commencing. Exploratory testing is great for new hires when you need to quickly learn about a system and interfaces.

Online Training

Online training requires a different strategy to face to face training. Not only is there the technical logistics to consider, but the duration of training needs to be shorter and exercises need to be tailored to suit online conditions. Fortunately, at Testing Times we’ve thought of all that. Our training is performed in 2 hours sessions to allow participants to accommodate this training in their daily routine. We use breakout rooms for hands on exercises and use tools such as Miro to facilitate group work.

Class Overview

Like many activities in software development, Exploratory Testing is an acquired skill. This class focuses on teaching these skills. This class will teach the basics of exploratory testing in an online format allowing you to perform exploratory testing in a systematic way. The class is split into 5 two hour sessions that take place over 5 consecutive days. This is an additional 2 hours extra training time compared to an online face to face class.

Course Content

This online exploratory testing training teaches software testers how to perform exploratory testing in a systematic way with the goal of teaching teams how to perform exploratory testing. Through practical exercises, it explores how to make testing fun and engaging. How to identify people’s super tester powers use them in a way to contribute to team success.

You will learn some basic exploratory testing skills such as :

  • Exploratory Testing Strategy (Intro to ET and Following your nose)
  • Modelling a System using MindMaps (Systematic ET)
  • Heuristics to power drive your testing (Ideation)
  • Oracles and how you know there’s a bug
  • Managing & Reporting Exploratory Testing

Duration: 5 sessions x 2 hours 10:30am - 12:30 pm AEST

Size of Class: 30

Price per person: AUD$300

Next Class: 2nd November 2020

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