Become a quality coach

Become a quality coach Masterclass with Anne-Marie Charrett

Training Logistics

Location: Level 5/155 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Date: Thursday 22nd March

Cost: $1100 per person

Max Class Size: 12 people

Why Quality Coaching?

Many teams believe and accept that quality is a team responsibility, yet struggle to implement this approach at a practical level. A quality coach provides the necessary assistance and support to enable teams to adopt this strategy. The role of quality coach differs to that of test lead and test manager, and requires different capabilities and know how. For one, a quality coach needs to be able to coach testers and non-testers alike, and rather than driving strategy they provide a space for the team to drive the testing strategy. This on site masterclass provides training on the fundamental skills required to be a quality coach.


The class explores the following content:

  • What is Quality Coaching?
  • Defining a Team Approach to Quality
  • Quality Assistance Model Overview
  • Facilitating a Test Strategy
  • Exploratory Testing as a Team
  • Persuasion and Influence


Morning and Afternoon snacks, plus lunch is included in the price.

The class includes an additional one hour online coaching per attendee.

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Other Formats

This class is avaialble online. Please contact us on 1300 291 191 for enquiries.

This class is available for inhouse training. Please contact us on 1300 291 191 for enquiries.

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