How to Get your Boss to Pay for Software Testing Training

How to Get your Boss to Pay for…

Having problems getting your boss to cough up for your training classes?
Most bosses get the value of training especially if you can relate it to what you do, or what your boss wants to achieve. Here are some pointers to get you started.

Exploratory Testing Course

The benefits of exploratory testing:

  • Fast Feedback (no setup time, no writing test cases, start testing straight away)
  • Can handle rapid changes in strategy (no rework required)
  • Anyone can perform Exploratory Testing (product owners, BA’s) so it is not dependent on technical knowledge.
  • Great at finding risks early in the lifecycle!

Quality Coach and Mentoring

Is your team saying that quality is a team responsibility but only testers are doing the quality work? Quality coaching will help you, to help your team to deliver at speed with consistent quality. Quality coaches contribute to:

  • helping developers prevent defects.
  • faster delivery times thru streamlined processes.
  • facilitating whole team testing strategies.
  • visualising quality.
  • keeping the team up to date with new approaches
  • collaboration amongst teams.
  • promoting and facilitating continuous learning/continuous improvement

Introduction to BDD

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is a software development process that improves quality by developing a shared understanding of the behaviour of a software product before development begins.

The flow on effect of this improved communication and collaboration is reduced rework, improving flow and increasing speed to deployment.

This course provides a whole team with a better understanding of what BDD is, and how it can help improve quality for the whole team.

Get Ahead with a Post Training Plan

Your Boss may ask you what you will do with your new skills once your training is complete. You may have a particular issue you want to tackle - so the action here may be to engage team members and run a spike based on your new knowledge and skills. Once you’ve had some time to use your new skills, run a Lunch’n Learn for colleagues where they can understand what you are now doing differently and the benefits of that.