Observability for Testers

This session has been sold out. 

The next session will be held in approximately six weeks (July/August 2020)

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Register your interest for the next Observability for Testers sessions planned late July/August 2020

With observability becoming more understood and common, I felt it would be useful to compile a list of learning material that people new to this area might appreciate. The better we observe and consequently understand our systems, the better we get at predicting and reducing risks.

A huge thanks to Abby Bangser who has shared most of this material in the women in test #infra_and_devops channel.


The next group session will be co-hosted with Lisa Crispin and the topic will be Observability for Testers. Abby Bangser will also be at the sessions to give a helping hand.
The sessions will involve the following:

1) Setting up AWS Infrastructure for App/Observability Stack

2) Setting up Observability Workshop Stack (by Abby Bangser)

3) Exploring Infrastructure (Kibana, Grifana, Prometheus)

4) Exploring Honeycomb 


We will be building on each session. That means, each session starts where the last session ended. 

Signup is for all four sessions. 

The sessions will be 90 minutes long and will begin at 6am AEST. There is a small charge to cover AWS costs. This is non refundable and no credit vouchers will be offered if you chose not to attend.  
The mentoring session will take place over zoom. You will be provided a link when you join online. 

The session is focused on the group achieving a successful outcome. Please come ready to support and help others if/when they get stuck. 

We’re delighted to have Abby Bangser who will be attending and providing support during the classes. Thank you Abby!

If you have experience in this area and you’d like to help mentor, please reach out to me or Lisa as we’d really like your support. 



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